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       CHUNDDIKKULAM is a famous bird sanctuary which is located at the South Eastern tip of Jaffna peninsula bordering the sea and lagoon fronts of Elephant Pass. If you reach to IYYAKKACHCI junction at ELEPHANT PASS and another 15 km drive from A9 rd towards KADDAIKADU, bring you to the fine destination at CHUNDIKKULAM. Nature Park Holiday Resort built for the nature lovers by preserving the nature's beauty. It is a fine hideout for families and groups to relax and enjoy with array of natural beauty. NPHR's eco friendly atmosphere has been blessed with lush greenery of the CHUNDIKKULAM shrub jungle with sea breeze. It allows your kids to relish the nature. NPHR located in a tranquil environment and enchanted with water villu where plenty of seasonal birds are flocking together during the year. Visitors can enjoy Sun Sea and Sand at the coastal belt at KADDAIKAU just 300 m away. Watching the bevy of seasonal birds and listening to their chirping will boost your adventurous stay and camping at CHUNDIKKULAM shrub. Ideal place for water sport lovers and THEPPAMs are available for the paddlers to cross the villu for bird watching. All visitors are provided with very pleasant and high quality hospitality and guaranteed security of the Sri Lanka Army at NPHR.

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